Tamara Bonaci
Tamara Bonaci

Lecturer, College of Computer and Information Science Northeastern University

Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington

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I am a researcher interested in security and privacy of cyber-phsyical systems, in particular emerging biomedical technologies . My current research focuses on security and privacy issues related to neural engineering systems, visual prosthesis, and teleoperated robots.

In the area of neural privacy and security, I have been working towards understanding and quantifying the amount of private information that can be extracted using a person’s electro-physiological signals as information sources. I have also worked on research and development of a signal processing mechanism, referred to as the BCI Anonymizer, which will be used to prevent and mitigate privacy attacks.

In the area of teleoperated security, I have been investigating potential security threats against the next-generation teleoperated robotic systems. I have worked towards quantifying the impact of these threats on remote operators, robots, as well as teleoperated procedures as a whole. In addition, I have been researching and developing mitigation strategies against the detected attacks, which rely on human operator's haptic interaction with the system. 

I received my Ph.D. and my M.S. degrees from the University of Washington, Department of Electrical Engineering, and my B.S. degree from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.