I have been fortunate to collaborate with many brilliant graduate, undergraduate and high school students.

Graduate students
I am currently collaborating with talented UW EE Masters student on projects related to security and privacy of emerging biomedical technologies:
  • Filipp Demenschonok, Summer 2017 - current
  • Jason Harrigan, Summer 2017 - current
  • James Bunts, Spring 2017 - current
  • Marta Wang, Spring 2017
  • Alexander Matsuoka, Winter 2017
  • Anne Marie Goldman, Autumn 2016 - current
Undergraduate students
I mentored several UW EE and CSE undergraduate students. The students were involved in experimental analysis with human subjects, both in neural engineering and telerobotic security projects. These efforts have resulted in several research presentations and scientific publications. 
  • Ethan Mayer, Winter 2015 - Spring 2015
  • Xiyu Ouyang, Fall 2013 - Summer 2014
  • Tariq Yusuf, Fall 2013 - Summer 2014
  • Nguyen Le my Chau, Winter 2014 - Spring 2014
  • Fethya Mohamed Ibrahim, Spring 2014
  • Sunjay Cauligi, Fall 2013

High school students

During Summer 2014, I mentored a high school student participating in the Young Scholars Program through the NSF-funded Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering